Behind The Blog

Welcome to the heart and soul of Share to Inspire, a sanctuary for women seeking self-growth, financial empowerment, and fulfilling relationships. I am the architect behind this digital haven, a 34-year-old self-growth enthusiast, fervently committed to sharing my journey of transformation and inspiring women to embrace their unique paths.

Embarking on the Journey:

My life was once a chaotic pursuit of financial freedom, tangled in the pursuit of external validation. I realized I wasn’t living my best life, measuring my worth against someone else’s ruler. The turning point came when I stepped out of my comfort zone in pursuit of personal growth. In 2015, my self-improvement journey began, and since then, I have shed limiting beliefs, evolving into the best version of myself.

A Message of Confidence:

In this empowering space, I advocate for self-belief. Every shape, size, and height are inherently beautiful; true completeness as a woman lies in confidence. Acknowledge your ability to achieve anything, work hard, and persevere in your dreams. Radiate compassion and love, becoming a blessing to others and making a positive difference in the world.

What Share to Inspire Offers:

Think of Share to Inspire as a comprehensive resource for self-growth, financial guidance, self-care rituals, relationship insights, and productivity tips. Through authentic experiences, I share my journey of living and teaching abroad, particularly in Japan. You’ll find tidbits of wisdom to inspire your personal development journey, fostering the confidence to become a true badass babe.

My Purpose:

This website is my canvas to elevate my purpose, amplifying my story to reach more women. I am fervently passionate about sharing the lessons I’ve learned in the hopes of inspiring and empowering every woman who visits.

My 10 Personal Commandments:

  1. Dare to be kind.
  2. Be a blessing to everyone. Always offer help.
  3. Connect with people. Win friends.
  4. Accept and move on. Don’t overthink.
  5. Always look at the bright side.
  6. Practice self-love, self-care, and self-compassion.
  7. Take things and words a little lighter.
  8. Fight right. Discuss what is about to be discussed.
  9. Say something but be more of a listener.
  10. Put things in the right place.

Secrets to Adulthood:

  • Be guided.
  • People’s opinions don’t define you.
  • Your actions and daily choices matter.
  • Believe in your capabilities.
  • You have the right not to explain yourself.
  • Embrace vulnerability; it’s a strength.
  • It’s okay to ask for help and questions.
  • Beauty endures the test of time.

My Loves:

Amidst the journey, I find joy in teaching, watching movies, meeting friends, traveling, listening to stories, observing people, writing, scrolling through social media, revisiting memories, enjoying music, learning languages, capturing moments, savoring sweets, reading, sleeping, shopping, and playing with pets.

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